Our Staff

"This facility allows us to take the most recent findings from a laboratory to the development of a product that potentially benefits patients."
Phyllis I. Warkentin, MD

Our Biologics Production team includes physicians, researchers, technical and administrative staff, many of whom have more than 25 years of experience in cellular therapy dating back to Nebraska Medicine’s early involvement in the field. Medical director Phyllis Warkentin, MD, is a global leader in transplantation, accreditation and regulatory compliance in cellular therapy.

Our versatile technical staff is experienced in a variety of therapeutic technologies, including processing, manipulation and cryopreservation of hematopoietic progenitor and therapeutic cells; gene modification of cell-based vaccines; digestion and purification of organs and tissues; and design and implementation of functionally-closed processing systems.

The Biologics Production Facility also includes a dedicated regulatory affairs and quality management group and an in-house mechanical and electrical engineer solely dedicated to facility maintenance and operational compliance.

Phyllis I. Warkentin, MD Medical DirectorPhyllis I. Warkentin, MD
Medical Director
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Charlie Branson Operations ManagerCharlie Branson
Operations Manager

James Wisecarver, MD Medical Director, Clinical Laboratory and Molecular DiagnosticsJames Wisecarver, MD
Medical Director,
Nebraska Medicine Clinical Laboratories and Molecular Diagnostics
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